The Shosuro Shinobi School

The Shosuro Shinobi are the most secretive school in the most secretive Clan in Rokugan, and for good reason. The Shinobi are spies, saboteurs, and assassins, to be utilized when diplomacy, strength of arms, and magic fail.


Some might call the shinobi ninja, but it is unwise to let them hear the term. The Shosuro family loathes the demonic Goju assassins who proudly bear the name of “ninja”.


Most Shosuro students are drafted from the other Scorpion schools when they begin to show great talent in stealth or the cold instincts that are so useful for an assassin. Most are instructed privately while they continue studies in other schools, adapting guises as bushi or courtiers as they continue their shinobi training. Optimally, a Shosuro Shinobi has a full life and duties aside from those he learns at this school. When his Clan calls upon him, his skills are ready, but until then these deadly samurai hide in plain sight. A shinobi is trained to move silently, kill efficiently, and blend effortlessly into the shadows. They are also knowledgeable in all aspects of Rokugan’s criminal underworld, for their duties often require them to seek aid or information there.


Above all else a shinobi’s most prized possession is his identity. A shinobi conceals his true nature from any whom he does not trust implicitly. The Empire hates ninja, and though the shinobi do not consider themselves ninja, they do recognize that their tactics are so similar as to make little difference in the eyes of their enemies. Shinobi who are exposed must claim to be acting without the knowledge of the Scorpion Clan. They reveal nothing about their training or objectives. If there is no possibility of escape, a captured shinobi will take his own life rather than risk revealing the Scorpion’s secrets under torture.

The Shosuro Shinobi School

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